ASW 2023 by Apparel Resources sets new benchmark


ASW 2023 brought together 150-plus apparel makers, 50-plus fabric and accessories suppliers and 20-plus entities (offering sustainable technology), to provide the 6000-plus visitors, including brands/retailers and buyers from world-over, a veritable one-stop sourcing platform, harnessing the spirit of NOKI.

Apparel Sourcing Week (ASW) is all about forging meaningful connections, engaging with the stakeholders, unlocking unexplored avenues, sharing knowledge to foster growth and inspiring entities to reach new heights.

Businesses of tomorrow are after all rooted in the relationships built today. Rightly so, ASW crafted the third edition of the much-anticipated sourcing extravaganza on the building blocks of NOKI (Networking, Opportunity, Knowledge and Inspiration), to give the benchmark event a new dimension.

“ASW 2023 was thought-provoking and provided new insights for the larger audience to take inspiration from, to move to the next level. The one-of-its-kind and visionary, it helped to give a new direction to the industry,” aptly states Wicrant Gambhir, Head of Sourcing, Product Integrity & Quality, Babyshop Concept, Landmark Group, Dubai, describing the essence of Apparel Sourcing Week 2023.

Agreeing with Wicrant on this is Arjun Puri, the Director of KAS India.

Babyshop is a children’s retail store and the first company under the Landmark Group. Founded over 30 years ago with a single store in Bahrain, it has today over 235 stores in 16 countries across the Middle East and Africa while KAS Group Asia (KGA), of which KAS India is a part, is the exclusive direct sourcing arm of Kmart Group that operates the iconic retail brands Kmart and Target in Australia.

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